A Frighteningly Fun Halloween at 1 Mont Kiara

Kuala Lumpur, 2 Nov – This past weekend, 1 Mont Kiara was transformed into a spooky wonderland as it celebrated Halloween in grand style! Here’s a quick recap of all the hauntingly good times it had.

The mysterious ghostly mascot made appearances on both days, adding an extra layer of Halloween fun and Instagramable moments to the festivities!

On the Saturday, 45 talented kids joined the Halloween Mask Painting Contest. The creativity was off the charts! Congratulations to the winners in two categories:

Category A

Champion: Chua Zi Yi

1st Runner-up: Sherbel Yee

2nd Runner-up: Anderson Kang Ee Jay

Consolation prize: Chonng Chii Yui, Chan Yu Xin, Emma Ong Yii Wen, Chua Zi Xuan and Chen Xi.

Category B Champion: Sheryn Yee

1st Runner-up: Che Thaqifah Damai Binti Che Mazlan

2nd Runner-up: Che Thaqif Dzaqwan Bin Che Mazlan

Consolation prize: Shermaine Yee Jing Rou, Elisa Kang Zi Yue, Choy Hoi Tian, Eva Ong Yii Hua and Tara.

The masks were not only terrifyingly painted but also adorned with extravagant sequins, fur, and even spooky lights!

On Sunday, the mall was buzzing with excitement as more than 300 kids, accompanied by their parents, scoured the mall for tasty treats from our 22 participating tenants. A big shoutout to our amazing tenants for making this experience spooktacular!

The highlight of the event was the Halloween Costume Contest in the late afternoon. A whopping 84 children took to the runway, showcasing their spookiest and most creative costumes. The audience was in awe of the incredible efforts and imaginations displayed by the parents and their little ghouls and monsters!

The enthusiasm and creativity on display made the judges’ decisions tough, but here are the deserving winners:

Champion: Gracier Lim Xi Yun
1st Runner Up: Swee Vi Enn
2nd Runner Up: Amber Chuah
Consolation Prize: Wong En Xi, Javin Fong, Cailyn Chee Jia Xin, Keshna Loganathan Ganny, and Naomi Jea Savunthiran

“At 1 Mont Kiara, we are dedicated to engaging our community with fun and exciting activities like this Halloween event. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all of you who joined us, and to our tenants for their invaluable support. Together, we made this Halloween truly spooktacular!” said Ryan Fong, Senior Executive for the Advertising and Promotions Department of 1 Mont Kiara Mall. 

Sweet and spooky: kids embrace Halloween fun in adorable costumes and pose!

A frightful family fête: celebrating togetherness at 1 Mont Kiara’s Carnival of Terrors Halloween Event.

Winners of the 1 Mont Kiara Halloween Children Costume Contest strike a pose with Ryan (back row from right) and Judges Wendy and Kelly!

Wearing the circus: unleash her inner ringmaster at 1 Mont Kiara Halloween Children Costume Contest!

It’s a ghostly encounters for shoppers at 1 Mont Kiara as they catch spooky mascots for Instagramable moments!

Splashes of creativity: Halloween Mask Painting Competition at 1 Mont Kiara takes center stage!

From blank canvas to masterpiece: Award-winning artistry on plain white masks by the talented young artists!

Winners of 1 Mont Kiara Halloween Mask Painting Competition Category A strike a pose with Buvaniswaran A/L Arumugam, Officer for 1 Mont Kiara Operations!

Category B Champs: Winners of 1 Mont Kiara Halloween Mask Painting Competition strike a pose with Amirah Aqilah, Executive for 1 Mont Kiara Operations.