Location: L1-21A (Level 1)

Phone Number: 03 - 6206 1669

Opening Hours: 10.00am to 10.00pm (daily)

Kodawari Menya

The process of making Kodawari Menya Udon & Tempura is painstaking, one that is carefully undertaken by our Udon artisans. Our brand of Kodawari Menya Udon & Tempura originates from the best – the Sanuki province Kagawa, Japan, a place most famous for the making of this delicious noodle.

Firstly, superior grade wheat flour is mixed in with optimal amount of salt. The kneading process is carried out under appropriate temperature and humidity. In a hygienically monitored environment, the dough is then carefully stepped on to remove any remaining air. Once this process is completed, the dough is left to rest and thereafter, cut into large pieces.

This laborious process is akin to a silent battle between the noodle makers and their craft. Every string of noodle is being tested by the makers’ touch until it reaches their mark of perfection. The kneading, stepping, separating, rubbing, cutting, boiling and the final presentation are all a series of negotiations the maker cleverly navigates.

There are times when they both find it agreeable, and there are times when they have heated exchanges. Factor in the changing seasons throughout the year and the challenges of varying temperatures and humidity, and you can imagine the ongoing tug of war that takes place. “How’s the balance between the salt and water?” they would ask the wheat. And the wheat would reply,  “There is still work to be done”. Through it, the artisans know best to thread in the single enduring quality of sincerity as they manoeuvre their noodles to perfection.

And every season without fail, we continue to wage those battles to achieve our mark of excellent Udon.

As we pour our hearts into these discourses with the ingredients, we reach farther into the depth of Udon making, each conversation further refining our skills and knowledge of our craft. Even after decades of noodle making, we are still pushing ourselves and striving to make the best Udon. And hopefully, in time our daily struggles will allow us to make the finest of them all.