Location: L1-03, L1-3A & L1-5A

Phone Number: 018-790 8865

Opening Hours: 10.00am to 10.00pm (daily)

Myeong Ryun Jinsa Galbi

Here’s your chance to embark on a culinary journey to Korea at our authentic Korean Charcoal Grilled Pork Buffet! Indulge in a wide selection of premium meats, perfectly grilled over charcoal for that irresistible smoky flavor. Savour our signature charcoal-grilled pork, crispy Korean fried chicken, flavourful dakgalbi, savory japchae, and mouthwatering bulgogi.

Complement your meal with an assortment of traditional Korean banchan (side dishes), refreshing beverages, and satisfy your sweet tooth with our delightful ice cream for dessert. While you wait for your grilled meats to be ready, enjoy our hot dishes that are sure to tantalise your taste buds.

Come hungry and leave happy, as we invite you to celebrate with us at Korea’s No. 1 all-you-can-eat charcoal-grilled pork specialty restaurant. Immerse yourself in the rich flavours of Korean cuisine and create unforgettable dining memories with us.